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Welcome to the Fort Smith Public Schools Social Studies Wiki! 

Teachers can access this web-site for their specific grade level and subject area

to find curriculum maps and resources for their classrooms.


Elementary Pacing Guides  

(uploaded 9-10-15) 





1st Grade



2nd Grade

Grade2updated2016 (1).pdf


3rd Grade

Grade 3_2015-2016.pdf



4th Grade

Grade 4_2015-2016 (1).pdf


5th Grade

Grade 5 updated 2016.pdf



6th Grade

Grade 6 updated 2016.pdf




Secondary Pacing Guides

(uploaded 9-10-15) 


7th Grade - Arkansas History


8th Grade


9th Civics.xls 



10th Grade 


11th Grade  Quarter 1

                     Quarter 2

                     Quarter 3

                     Quarter 4


Below are the Common Core Content Literacy Standards for Grade 6-12. 

 These standards are to be taught in conjunction with the current Arkansas Social Studies/History SLEs.


CCSS, HIST_SS, SCI,and TECH, 6-8.pub


CCSS, HIST_SS, SCI,and TECH, 9-10.pub


CCSS, HIST_SS, SCI,and TECH, 11-12.pub



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